When I realised that I am the master of my own world, everything changed. My first psychedelic experience was ayahuasca. Even though I didn't know a lot about it I went there anyway, as people had told me it was worth it. This first time, not much happened. I only saw some fear inside of me which I didn’t know was there. Since this experience I realised that there were important things that I hadn't thought about in the world.

In 2012 I went to the Boom festival and had a strong psychedelic experience on the first night. When I found myself in a totally different world I was convinced that I had died because of the drugs. Everything around me was so beautiful that I was sure that I had arrived in heaven. I even asked the others if they realised they had died too. Only when they showed me that my heart was still beating, did I believe that this was true and really happening.

This changed my whole perspective on the world. Slowly I started to learn from the psychedelic experience. I learned about how the universe works and about the rules of societies games. After that everything became so easy. My creative passion has bloomed and I’ve met a lot of people who help each other and I can learn from.

My seed for change? Just trust that this world is totally good! We exist, we are here, that is the only answer and that should be enough.