Going self employed was probably my biggest change yet. To try and set up a business that gets things flowing in the way that I want my life to be, a life with a lot of different experiences. Getting involved with the festivals and doing the chainsaw work for the stages gives the opportunity for a lot of freedom. Building the mainstage for a festival like Lost Theory is such a learning experience, you are constantly surrounded by interesting people.

Before this I was mostly working at bars, I was making some things for friends and doing stuff like illustration and animation. Getting into the chainsaw work is the first time that I really start selling and trying to use my art as a form of profession.

This change has given me much more confidence and a lot of new experiences. I always try to push myself to be able to keep going, although sometimes you can’t stop yourself from thinking “what the fuck am I doing?”

My seed for change would be: Try to be true to yourself and try to learn to see what you need. Take the best out of challenges, allow yourself to move on and don’t get hung up on negativity. And in the meantime try to have some fun.