To talk about the spirit of the trance festivals is much more important for me then to talk about my personal change. Trance festivals have so much value for me, everybody cares about each other and you can find something good in all the people who come here. For me it feels like coming home because we all share the same thoughts and values.

When you’re going to a rock festival for example, you always encounter some aggression or fights. If you go to a trance festival like Transylvania Calling or Lost Theory, this is on such a secluded location, you really need to put a lot of energy into getting there. This makes that you won’t find many tourists or negative people. That’s the real tribal spirit. There is also a different connection with women in the trance culture, everyone is equal. One single lady can be surrounded by five men on the dancefloor and still feel protected.

On the festivals I’m responsible for the huge kites you see flying in the air. I make them all myself and they are at least 5 or 6 meters long. I’ve been doing this for a long time now and the trance culture and making these kites are the most important thing that I do in the summers.  On every festival I also give kite making workshops for the kids.

My seed for change: Be full of love and say nothing bad about other people.