When I was twenty years old, two guys tried to shoot me dead. After this event I completely changed my life. I was living within the system and worked for a company that made sugar. Working was a big part of my life, first I worked six months without stop and then six months with only a break in the weekend. But I was enjoying it at that time of my life, you know It was just the way it was.

After these guys tried to kill me I met some hippies on the street and ended up taking them into my home. They showed me how to work with my hands and to make beautiful handicraft. That is what I’m still doing now, making jewelry.

At that point I also started to travel. I’ve traveled all over Latin America with my jewelry and a few years ago I met a beautiful girl from Denmark. We’ve started a family together. At the moment she is in Latin America with my son.

If something really strong happens to you, that is a good moment for change. It is good to know that a tree can’t be established without its roots. It’s really important to not forget your roots, it doesn’t matter where you come from.

My seed for change is: I don’t have any advice because people don’t need it. If you want to change, you change. If you don't want to change it doesn't matter what your mother, father, brother or god will tell you. Then you just don’t change.