The biggest change in my life is probably living a more alternative lifestyle than I used to. I have lived in different households and if I had stayed in the first one I am sure I would never have ended up as the person who I am now. When you live with someone you teach each other so much.

This more alternative lifestyle expresses itself in different things. Like an awareness about solo travel and hitchhiking for example. Also not to desire luxury as much anymore, instead I feel a longing to be closer to nature. I am not afraid to get filthy now and then and I’ve had a huge eye opener about other people, to not judge them for who they are.

For me living alternatively has nothing to do with wearing dreadlocks or special clothing, it is more about a mentality, being open to the input of other people.

My seed for change would be: Listen to no one and do your own thing. I really believe that you should never advise others on how to live their lives, their path is to find that out by themselves through stepping into life and facing strong introspection.