Amir Weiss


The biggest change for me was travelling and loving myself more. Israel, where I’m from, is a really stressed country, everybody picks a side and everybody has an opinion. You could even call it racism caused by ignorance or manipulation. It was infecting me until I found a way to go to a different place in the world and within myself.

My first big travel was New Zealand were I found a flyer of a festival named Luminate. There I discovered a whole new world of what you can call transformational festivals. I discovered there that the world can be stressless and more beautiful. That you can approach people without fear and where you can be yourself.

For me, as a photographer, experiencing the festival through the camera it’s kind of a different vibe, but when I see the photo’s I can sometimes connect even more to the people. It doesn’t matter if it’s a talk or a picture, for me it’s about capturing a moment.

Change is a work in progress, when I am on a festival I’m not necessarily enjoying myself all the time, I’m not always flowing on the dancefloor like everybody else. But the experiences one after another show me more windows of myself, in the high and in the low waves.

My seed for change would be: You need to look for a change I guess, to be open for transformation. I recommend to come to a transformational festival and fully be in every moment.

Amir Weiss