The biggest change in my life is probably living a more alternative lifestyle than I used to. I have lived in different households and if I had stayed in the first one I am sure I would never have ended up as the person who I am now. When you live with someone you teach each other so much.

This more alternative lifestyle expresses itself in different things. Like an awareness about solo travel and hitchhiking for example. Also not to desire luxury as much anymore, instead I feel a longing to be closer to nature. I am not afraid to get filthy now and then and I’ve had a huge eye opener about other people, to not judge them for who they are.

For me living alternatively has nothing to do with wearing dreadlocks or special clothing, it is more about a mentality, being open to the input of other people.

My seed for change would be: Listen to no one and do your own thing. I really believe that you should never advise others on how to live their lives, their path is to find that out by themselves through stepping into life and facing strong introspection.





When I realised that I am the master of my own world, everything changed. My first psychedelic experience was ayahuasca. Even though I didn't know a lot about it I went there anyway, as people had told me it was worth it. This first time, not much happened. I only saw some fear inside of me which I didn’t know was there. Since this experience I realised that there were important things that I hadn't thought about in the world.

In 2012 I went to the Boom festival and had a strong psychedelic experience on the first night. When I found myself in a totally different world I was convinced that I had died because of the drugs. Everything around me was so beautiful that I was sure that I had arrived in heaven. I even asked the others if they realised they had died too. Only when they showed me that my heart was still beating, did I believe that this was true and really happening.

This changed my whole perspective on the world. Slowly I started to learn from the psychedelic experience. I learned about how the universe works and about the rules of societies games. After that everything became so easy. My creative passion has bloomed and I’ve met a lot of people who help each other and I can learn from.

My seed for change? Just trust that this world is totally good! We exist, we are here, that is the only answer and that should be enough.


Amir Weiss


The biggest change for me was travelling and loving myself more. Israel, where I’m from, is a really stressed country, everybody picks a side and everybody has an opinion. You could even call it racism caused by ignorance or manipulation. It was infecting me until I found a way to go to a different place in the world and within myself.

My first big travel was New Zealand were I found a flyer of a festival named Luminate. There I discovered a whole new world of what you can call transformational festivals. I discovered there that the world can be stressless and more beautiful. That you can approach people without fear and where you can be yourself.

For me, as a photographer, experiencing the festival through the camera it’s kind of a different vibe, but when I see the photo’s I can sometimes connect even more to the people. It doesn’t matter if it’s a talk or a picture, for me it’s about capturing a moment.

Change is a work in progress, when I am on a festival I’m not necessarily enjoying myself all the time, I’m not always flowing on the dancefloor like everybody else. But the experiences one after another show me more windows of myself, in the high and in the low waves.

My seed for change would be: You need to look for a change I guess, to be open for transformation. I recommend to come to a transformational festival and fully be in every moment.

Amir Weiss



When I was twenty years old, two guys tried to shoot me dead. After this event I completely changed my life. I was living within the system and worked for a company that made sugar. Working was a big part of my life, first I worked six months without stop and then six months with only a break in the weekend. But I was enjoying it at that time of my life, you know It was just the way it was.

After these guys tried to kill me I met some hippies on the street and ended up taking them into my home. They showed me how to work with my hands and to make beautiful handicraft. That is what I’m still doing now, making jewelry.

At that point I also started to travel. I’ve traveled all over Latin America with my jewelry and a few years ago I met a beautiful girl from Denmark. We’ve started a family together. At the moment she is in Latin America with my son.

If something really strong happens to you, that is a good moment for change. It is good to know that a tree can’t be established without its roots. It’s really important to not forget your roots, it doesn’t matter where you come from.

My seed for change is: I don’t have any advice because people don’t need it. If you want to change, you change. If you don't want to change it doesn't matter what your mother, father, brother or god will tell you. Then you just don’t change.




Twenty years ago my dad found this abandoned village in the north of Spain. It had nine ruins and a church. He liked it, decided to live there and started rebuilding the village by himself.

Now last year my dad died and the village was abandoned again. I’ve always been playing with the idea of settling here at one point in my life. Earlier than expected, that time is now here.

I’ve always wanted to be more self sufficient and outside, a bit more of a quiet life, but I don’t want to be here alone, like my father did. One man can only do so much.

I would love to start this project with a few people and let it grow. At some point it will be like a village again. I would, for example, love to bring back the bakery of the village for a more communal feeling. But first there is a lot of work to do, we arrived last month so we’re just getting started.

We are working our asses off and it feels good. I never really liked working before and now I work 12 hours a day without any problems or complaints. Ever since we decided to move to the village, things started flowing so much, it really felt like a sign from the universe, that this was the right thing to do.

I’ve always been a traveler so staying in one place is something new for me. Before, when I was staying at one place for a longer time, my life started to feel less fulfilled. But here it’s so different, waking up with this brightness in the morning and feeling motivated to start crazy plans and idea’s. There is so much life energy available here, I feel happy and at peace.

My seed for change: If you have a crazy idea? Just do it and don’t think about it too much. The worst you can do is regret not doing anything when the opportunity has passed.


Kamalroop Singh


The biggest change I’ve made in my life was that one day I went to the forest near London. There was this very old oak tree, some people say that it’s over four hundred years old, others say it’s over a thousand years old. The trunk is so broad you can’t even get your arms around it with three or four people.

Under it I found one of its seeds and I thought: What’s the best thing I can do. I can put this seed in the ground and then one day there will be another giant like that. When I thought about it I realised how many birds will get shade, how many animals will get a place to live for hundreds and hundreds of years. 

I think that one seed that I’ve put in the ground is the biggest change that I’ve made in my life.

My seed for change: There is so much information and distraction outside ourself but the best answer is always inside your heart. If you feel a really good feeling about something, don’t hesitate, go do it and trust. 

Kamalroop Singh



Just after university I went traveling for 16 months and that really changed my mind. I escaped from mainstream life and officework and all of that. Next to that was taking ayahuasca a big change. I didn’t expect it to be so life changing but it was a serious disruption to the way I thought about life. 

During the ceremony I thought by myself what have I done, I don't want to do this ever, ever, ever again. But the next morning I felt so light and amazing. Obviously I taken it several times since then. It was hard to say how this changed me until several years later when I realised that I’d lost any fear of death. This gave me the opportunity to live my life in a different and better way. 

After this experience I started dancing the five rhythms, this was something that changed the way I interact with people. When I was young I used to be really shy.
Everything works together doesn’t it? I sometimes think about my life and how all these seemingly insignificant things changed my life. What if for instance I didn’t go traveling? How would my life have turned out then? 

My seed for change? Just do it! Some organisation copyrighted that but we can take it back. Just do it!




The biggest change in my life was the discovery of laughing. I find the energy of laughter is so infectious that it just spreads out into the world.

I came to laughter when I was at a really low place in my life. I asked Spirit what message it had for me from this depression that I was feeling and at that moment I just started laughing. I figured I should go with this energy so I did some research on it and finally found laughter yoga. I then tuned into laughter yoga and have been spreading it out ever since.

I feel that this is a really major healing thing in the world because laughter is universal. It doesn’t matter what language you speak, when you laugh, you connect. I feel that this is one of the major key issues for the healing of the world today, connecting with your laugh and not taking life too seriously.

My seed for change: Love what you do, and do what you love




To accept my fear as a part of myself, that must’ve been the biggest change. I’ve gone through two periods where I stayed at home for a year because of depression, I was even hospitalised for a while to try and cope with all the fear and anxiety I was feeling. 

The first time I was treated with traditional medicine, but that didn’t take away the core of the problem. The second time I walked the alternative path and was treated with body-oriented psychotherapy and mindfulness training. My body was reconnected with my mind and the physical practice released deep feelings.

When you fight your own fear, that same fear grows bigger and bigger. Accepting death as a part of life was an important step for me. As an answer to my fears I asked myself: ‘What’s the worst that could happen?’. When I got that death is the worst that could happen, I had to work on not being afraid of it anymore. 

My seed for change? Accept all the emotions that arise in you, but be very critical, not all of them are equally genuine. Feelings are always good and shouldn’t be pushed aside but also should never just be accepted as reality.




Around my thirtieth a whole world opened up for me, one I previously didn’t know existed, when I started choosing for myself. As a biologist with a PhD I had always found myself in an environment where study was of great importance but I had never felt that I was living the life of my choice. I then ended a long relationship and made the decision to travel, to reinvent myself and answer the question: ‘Why am I here.’

This eventually spawned our companies ‘Mountain Child Care’ in Nepal and its sister ‘My Quest’ in The Netherlands. These aim at young people, helping them to make life choices for their future, like I had to do then. We guide them in finding their core values and their true essence.

My partner and I give great importance to making our decisions the way we want them, not the way society tells us to. A good example of this is that we walked the Camino de Santiago with our nine months old daughter. This sparked something beautiful in the people who thought this was not what should be done with a baby. It is important not to let fear guide you, for me this entails that I choose not to follow the news.

My seed for change? Start with finding out who you are. You probably already know what you like and what gives you energy. Take that seriously, follow the way your energy flows instead of repeating dead ends.




When I became seriously ill, that’s when I really started listening to my own instincts. My gut feeling told me that my diagnosis, and the second opinion, were both wrong. The third examination confirmed me that my gut was right. If I would have gone with the first diagnose, I would have had a wrong surgery and I might not have lived to tell this story.

After the surgery I decided to follow my heart and start for myself as a social entrepreneur, documentary maker and TV host. This is now three and a half years ago and in that time I have grown to become a real ambassador for the neighborhood Kanaleneiland.

I have never in my life been so close to my own true being as I am today. Back in the days I found it difficult to truly be myself. As the only dark girl in most of my schools I found the ignorant questions annoying and tiring. I now realise that often I presented myself different than I really felt. Being your true self is so important, it’s something I try to teach my children every day.

My seed for change? Follow your heart. Sometimes you might be afraid that you will hurt people by being who you really are. In the end you will hurt yourself more than those others by pretending to be something you’re not.





One day I realised that I am in fact very many different people. For a long time I was searching and thinking to find out which of those personalities was mine. Accepting that I can be all of them made me really happy.

You could use the subculture labels as an example. On the one hand I felt a deep connection to the hippies of the sixties, but on the other hand I loved listening to hardcore. Being quite a bit younger this caused some identity struggle.

Arriving here at Ruigoord for the first time did a lot for me. Here I saw radically different people all together, and I could recognize myself in all of them. A place like this invites people to express themselves in who they feel they are. Everyone expresses differently but everything is accepted. 

My seed for change? Look at what will make you happy now, not at what might make you happy in the future. Take life step by step, forget the finish line and enjoy the ride itself.




The moment the earth started rumbling and our bus had to stop in the middle of the road while we saw buildings crumble before us was probably the biggest change of my life. 
When the disaster happened we were on our way to the alternative location of the Universal Religion festival.

After the first shock we managed to inform our parents of our safety, luckily before they read the news and the networks went down for days. We set up camp on the hill while more people arrived, each adding tiny bits of information about the magnitude of what had happened in the city of Kathmandu.

In the days that followed, and the numbers we heard went from 70 to 5000, we became each others family. Each of us had different ways of dealing with their emotions. Some people built shelters out of alcohol banners, a communal kitchen or rainwater collectors, others partied like it was the last time they would. Everything was accepted in our Universal Refugee camp.

Never has the spirit of the trance community been so strong as it was on the Hattiban Hill over the past days. Not knowing what to do, we did what we did best. Together we sang songs around the fires and formed friendships for life. All of us have changed through our travel in Nepal, in a completely different way than anyone could expect.

My seed for change? You are never prepared for what might happen, but with the right people you can make it through everything.





It has only been a few days since I took my refuge and became an actual Buddhist. From the moment I learned about Buddhism it seemed to work really well with my mind, it all seemed so logical. Everything is on yourself, there are no gods that will save you, you have to fix yourself. It's such a peaceful ideology, that really resonated with me. 

When I was fourteen I learned about Buddhism for thefirst time. I studied a lot of books about it and even went to northern India, to Dharamsala. During my time here in Nepal I've done a retreat at a monastery and it felt like the right time and place to take my refuge. 

My family is all Christian so I've had to shift away from that to become an actual Buddhist
When I was fifteen we had the option at our family's church to be confirmed. Everyone my age went like, "sure whatever, I'll just do that". But I felt that I couldn't do it at all, it just didn't make enough sense to me. 

I really understand the reincarnation that Tibetan Buddhism talks about a lot. Now I feel like my soul is going to keep on going for ever and ever. It gives so much hope to think that this is not my only life. 

My seed for change? For a long time I kept my feeling towards religion inside myself and that was very uncomfortable. My advice would be that to share your thoughts about change with people is really important.


Africa Grows


Many stepping stones led to the concept of our Africa Grows project. A combination of life changing experiences.You crash, burn and reawaken, phoenix experiences. 

Out of the ashes of Africa burns rises the phoenix of Africa Grows. A multi elemental festival, not just fire. Like the burn it also has to do with creative expression, free energy, zero point economy and sharing but ultimately with growth. Not just permaculture principles, green things and trees but a completely green festival. Seeding sustainable communities through celebration.

Instead of using scaffolding and metal structures we’ll lattice structures. We’re going to use vine technology to grow a dancefloor dome. One that doesn’t get broken down at the end of the festival but one that continues to grow and eventually we’ll eat fruit from it. Green architecture can spring up all around that, living sculptures, growing sculptures. 

The idea is that it’s actually a gathering where you invest your love to come to the festival. Prior to the festival you receive a seed packet with instructions of how to cultivate these trees from sapling. By the time you arrive six months down the line you’ve already grown one or two small trees that you then bring into the festival. You invest time and love into growing what’s essentially part of yourself. So you’re bringing yourself and planting that. 

We want to integrate all the elements. The burn is the masculine, we integrate the feminine by adding water and life. Africa Burn came from America as an offspring of Burning Man, we want to plant this concept in America in return and call it Growing Woman.

Our seed for change: When you feel sad, bad or mad, you need more love, not less. Always send love to your heart. Give more love to yourself so you have more love to give to others.

Maria and Murray




Amongst all the changes, the first big one was leaving my job and becoming self sufficient, but that was a long time ago already. Being self sufficient where you have to rely on your own efforts for yourself and your family to survive, that changes a man’s character.

But the main change is later on in my life, when the kids were out of the house, I sold my businesses and started Trance Dancing. It showed me a different way of life, not just on an emotional level but consciously. 

I was at Boom Festival last year. I went there to dance, I’m a passionate dancer, I love dancing, but when I got there it turned out I also went there to learn. I spent most of my time in the luminal village and in the healing area, talking to all the people there, I was camping with a shaman and we were constantly talking about change. Changes are not always dramatic, but when the direction is right, it feeds on itself, it grows. you develop your passion in that direction. 

I’m still into all different kinds of music, I play the pan flute in concert, I play pop and even church music. I love classical music and hoompa band music from Germany. It needs to be balanced, whatever we do. 

My seed for change is: Go back and have a look at what is your child’s gift, the talent you were born with. Find the talent that makes you work passionately. If you do what you’re passionate about, you’re twice as effective, ten times as efficient and most important, you’re happy!


Raja Ram


The biggest change I've made in my life? That’s a complicated question… It must have been when I discovered trance music. Up to that point I’d studied classical in the conservatory and I’d studied improvisational jazz in New York.

I went to Goa in “89 and that’s when the change started, up to that point I hadn't heard of this type of music. When I did I thought “Who makes this music, how do they make it and what drugs do they take?”. I then started my detective search to find these people and work with them, to start making psychedelic trance. That was a monstrous change because I had to forget everything I had learned up to then, I started again as a 50 year old virgin.

When we started we never expected to make anything out of it, we wanted to write the music and we did. To finally get to the point where you’re playing your music worldwide to people who really like it, that’s incredibly gratifying. And here we are 25 years later still learning and experimenting. It’s as exciting as it’s ever been now. 

This is a great time because It’s happening worldwide at the moment. It’s not about the size of the party, it’s about the spirit of the people. The party’s are only a small piece of it. There’s this communal spirit and underneath there’s all this love and fellowship. It’s never about the money or the fame but about sharing what we have, doing it all together and having a great time. That’s what we’re interested in.

Thanks South Africa for inviting me, I promise you i’ll be back soon!

My seed for change? Just follow your intuition and your heart. I had to travel, I left Australia at the age of 17 when nobody was doing that yet. You have to take risks and get out of your safety zone. Throw yourself into the void and hope it’s going to be ok. It will be! 

Raja Ram

Pam / Tune Raider


Honestly, becoming a DJ was a huge change, but shifting my mind to the learning that one doesn’t need to have a day job to survive, that changed my life the most. We can do whatever we want to create that money. We don’t need to worry about ‘the man’, our focus shouldn’t be on working for someone else. 

Rather start your own thing, apart from my music I make feather earrings, and jewelry. You only need to earn money to pay your bills, you don’t have to become something like an accountant and take on that whole lifestyle to do that. If you’re an artist, just go out and do what you do best. we live in a time with a lot of freedom, especially here in South Africa. In the trance scene for example you can sell your crafts and be part of our little system within the system.

I believe that anyone can find something that they want to do on their monday morning, not go to their jobs there because they have to. We’re all creative in our own way, I’ve found working with feathers worked for me, others are good with computers or children, others make great food. Do whatever you’re good at. Fuck working for ‘the man’!. 

My seed for change? Have courage and believe in yourself. Do what you’re good at and push on, make that change!

Pam / Tune Raider



For me it all started when I had an experience with something called holotropic breathwork, it shifted my perception of the inner worlds I never knew were possible. Before that my life was a lot more external, my life was outside of myself. Once I discovered there were worlds inside, I started to shift my awareness and my consciousness towards that. 

I was reading about neo shamanism by Stanislaf Groff and I read that after LSD psychotherapy was made illegal, he shifted his research into this breathwork. It didn't make much sense to me, how could they replace such a strong chemical with breathing? 

I started researching and one day I found that they were doing trainings in Mexico, close to my parents house. I decided to go there and the results were enormous. In a way it has taken me to where I am now, it has permitted my profession as a transpersonal psychologist. 

Having a glimpse of the mysteries of life and death is a reward on it’s own. Shifting from a normal daily life into a life that is more connected to nature and God has been a school of wisdom. I feel calmer and healthier than ever before, I believe in God now. Well, not believe, I know God now, I don’t have to believe in him. There is abundance and happiness in my life.

We are now in another big transition in life right now. We are uprooting our family home to pursue more depth into these inner worlds. We’re moving to Peru for at least two years.

My seed for change is: Don’t be afraid and start changing yourself by looking inside. It is like alchemy, you transmute yourself. You try to free yourself from the energies that you’re a slave of and try to cultivate the energies that are constructive to you. If you do this your whole world will change around you.