To accept my fear as a part of myself, that must’ve been the biggest change. I’ve gone through two periods where I stayed at home for a year because of depression, I was even hospitalised for a while to try and cope with all the fear and anxiety I was feeling. 

The first time I was treated with traditional medicine, but that didn’t take away the core of the problem. The second time I walked the alternative path and was treated with body-oriented psychotherapy and mindfulness training. My body was reconnected with my mind and the physical practice released deep feelings.

When you fight your own fear, that same fear grows bigger and bigger. Accepting death as a part of life was an important step for me. As an answer to my fears I asked myself: ‘What’s the worst that could happen?’. When I got that death is the worst that could happen, I had to work on not being afraid of it anymore. 

My seed for change? Accept all the emotions that arise in you, but be very critical, not all of them are equally genuine. Feelings are always good and shouldn’t be pushed aside but also should never just be accepted as reality.