Meditation was a big change for me, I feel like it brought me and my partner together. He is actually one of the really big changes in my life. I was having a difficult time after Uni, as I was preparing to go overseas for the first time and was pretty nervous. He recommended me to start practicing meditation, which I did. He was just a friend at the time.

I went to the retreat that he’d recommended and found myself thinking about him a lot, I really connected meditation to him. I ended up going to Europe where we met up and travelled together. We’ve done a Vipassana retreat together twice since then.

I’ve gained a lot of strength and it calmed me. My thoughts are often crazy and meditation really helped centre me. Having this connection with my partner also reminds me of what’s important, like love.

My seed for change? I think you need to find what's good for you. I don’t want to say go and do such a retreat because it’s not the answer for everybody. If you don’t know what would work for you, maybe connecting to the people around you can help you find it.