Losing my religion must’ve been the biggest change I’ve made in my life. I was experimenting with parties and at the same time I was going to church and trying to become baptised as a Jehovah's witness. I wanted to hang out more with them in order to join their organisation, but they wouldn’t hang out with me if I was still partying.

They gave me a lot of time to make my own personal decision, and for a while I had been doing really well in not going to parties and enjoying dancing sober. Then one night I had an experience that changed my whole view of the world. Like every week I went to church the next day but I just could not believe anything they said anymore. I had experienced the existence of a different reality the night before.

I truly believed in the bible, which demands a completely different programming of the mind. Going to church and being in this organisation was my regimented personal routine. So to suddenly lose that, and therefore lose my personal schedule was a huge change.

Subsequently I was blasted into this world of psychedelic explorers, artists and circus people and they showed me that there are so many more paths to pick from. It has brought me an entirely different view of the world and the way it works. I guess I was kind of choosing a tribe at that point in life and from what information I had gathered upto that point the Jehovah's seemed the right choice for me. Now I’m not entirely sure which subtribe I belong to.

My seed for change: I hate to say it but I really believe that if you want to make a big change in your life you need to get to a point of sobriety for a little while. Do some cleansing, including healthy food choices and feel what your body organism has to say about it’s own personal centre so that your mind can centre and you can explore beyond that.