Merkaba and Eve Olution


When I found my Dharma, when I became fully aware that my path on the planet would be music, that was the biggest change I’ve made in my life. I discovered that music was my life, through a very powerful experience I’d had at a festival and everything changed after that. 

The change caused a lot of things that weren’t really assisting me in my path of music to leave my life. Like working a nine to five job and having a relationship that wasn’t really based on love, even though I wanted to believe it was. When I’d awoken to music being my path, these things just seemed stupid, they weren’t serving me anymore. It was like I was able to see through the illusion that I’d built up around myself and all of a sudden everything didn’t look real. I could easily imagine pretending everything was all still good and keep going, but I didn’t. 

Something I’ve used a lot is the power of words, because words are spells, which is where we get spelling from. If you speak words out loud with emotion and conviction you often get the universe reflecting back to you. So I would use the words “I intend to” to bring about change. For example “I intend to let go of these things that don’t help me” or “I intend to align with the people that are in my highest good”.

My seed for change would be: It’s about trusting yourself as you step into the unknown. Because you can have the most epic vision of your life but unless you step into the unknown of that vision and where it might take you, you you’re not going to know.

Eve Olution:
The biggest change for me was coming to California. I lived in the Midwest, in a reality where everyone worked from nine to five for their whole life, and for the most part, wasn’t happy. When I moved to California I went to my first festival, there I met the most amazing beautiful souls. 

Everyone looked at me straight in the eye and said “welcome home”, while they didn’t even know me. My whole soul opened and I had tears running through my face. I was so grateful that I was surrounded by people who were living their dream as artists. Being part of a Soul Family, that was the first time I ever experienced that and from that point forward life has never been the same for me.

To know that our dreams are real, to see it with my own eyes fueled my fire even more. It had already been lit since I was a kid but something ignited within me that made know and it’s never stopped since. I’ve been working on that core song from that moment forward. I’ve been supported by all these beautiful souls, something I’d never experienced before in my life, and I am grateful for it every single day. 

My seed for change: It’s okay to be afraid, fear is actually a part of the change, it’s the gateway. When you go through that fear, you are propelled with the excitement underneath that fear. That is your rocket fuel to keep going. Don’t be intimidated by the fear, face it in the face and keep going towards it, because something amazing is waiting on the other side.