My change started when I stopped drinking. Alcohol acted like a blindfold that hid all reasons for changing my behaviour. Once I gave up drinking, I saw myself shine with attention, love and positivity. I also noticed the people around me appreciating my presence more and more.

From this flowed the inner change that feels even more important; to accept myself fully in the present, together with all previous experiences that shaped my current self. This acceptance flipped my life around, I feel like a phoenix risen from the ashes.

At a tantra weekend I met my first girlfriend. I was thirty years old and never had sex, nor even kissed a girl. Where I started this relation inexperienced, she awoke the lion in me. This lion is now awake and won’t sleep again.

This lion has it’s calling; I want to inspire others and guide them on their path to greater self love. It is of importance to love yourself 100%, improvement starts from your current form. Embrace all of your shortcomings, your imperfections make you perfect. 

My seed for change would be: Love yourself 100% as you are now, including your past. No matter how often you’ve been hurt, how much has gone wrong in your love life or your careers. Whatever happened, accept it and be grateful that it has brought you to where currently are.