Sitting here with this beautiful goddess daughter on my lap, that’s probably been the biggest change for me ever. For most of my life I’ve been a single man, trying to find resonance with community and people. Finding that and finding my own, finding myself and what makes me right has driven me towards a partner that has a very strong connection to me for a real long, maybe even ancestral or energetic line. 

To have this new being come into this realm that we’re present in right now has been an amazing change for me because it’s kind of difficult in our culture. I’m eight generation Australian from back in the early days of the fleets coming in. Our culture is real different to the other cultures out there that actually are built upon community. 

I had some solstice time when Yameya was coming in to regroup and to find what I wanted. Now I’ve been living in a community for two months, it’s absolutely amazing to live in a community with my little darling starseed and just be the guardian of her, to just allow her to be around many people. She’s got about eight aunties and uncles at this festival looking after her. 

My seed for change? I don’t know, I guess find what you really want, what you really like and what makes you feel really happy and you’ll find other people that love the same thing. 

Johnny One-tree