I’ve made a personal compromise, or pact, with nature, this is one of the biggest changes I’ve made in my life. I would live my life to serve nature, if nature showed me how to do it. This has taught me different ways to live. I personally take responsibility of my garbage, I eat local food and most of the time I traveled by foot or horseback instead of owning a car. I take care of nature by planting trees and by avoiding people who hurt nature. 

When I was younger I thought of nature as something that you have outside of society. After I started with my pact I understood that I have to be a part of nature, not something outside of it. When you become part of nature, you are no longer acting as a disease for it anymore, you are part of its feedback system. You are helping and receiving.

To really make this work it should be a collective compromise. To get everyone to help, we have to inspire other people. Not by telling them what to do, but by doing good yourself. Other people see this and will catch on if they’re ready for it. So if I act too much in the extremes, people will not get inspired, they get scared away. It’s all about experimenting with the limits.

My seed for change would be: Listen to your heart, let it tell you what you want to do. In life it can be difficult to make your own decisions. Society, family and religion can all distract us from what we really want. We have to be brave to take the decisions that we really want, and those are always from the heart.