Recently i’ve stopped working because i’m going to cycle up and down the Australian east coast to do Wwoofing. I have worked in the health system for twenty years. After travelling two years ago I was kind of in two minds about staying in the job I was in. It takes me a long time to get organised but on the friday before this festival I finally quit my job and this is the sixth day of my early retirement.

I have a habit of having expectations so I’m trying to gain the power of not having such strong expectations to see where that takes me. Wwoofing is voluntarily working on organic farms. I’ve had a garden for twenty years, I love working with plants and can’t wait to learn to farm on a larger scale. Australia is so broad, there are so many different environments around. I’m looking forward to seeing parts of Australia I’ve never seen before.

I will head south for summer and then in the dry season go north.For the first year I’ll stick to the Wwoofing and when I’ve satiated that need I’ll start working voluntarily at these sort of festivals more often while traveling around by bicycle. I suppose I’ll have to pick up some work from time to time, but I’m not going to get a full time job and settle down for quite a while. So probably semi retirement would be a more accurate description.

My seed for change? You’ve got to have a strong enough desire, I try to make this change two years ago and obviously it wasn’t the time. But now it is. If it is your time...do it!