Raja Ram


The biggest change I've made in my life? That’s a complicated question… It must have been when I discovered trance music. Up to that point I’d studied classical in the conservatory and I’d studied improvisational jazz in New York.

I went to Goa in “89 and that’s when the change started, up to that point I hadn't heard of this type of music. When I did I thought “Who makes this music, how do they make it and what drugs do they take?”. I then started my detective search to find these people and work with them, to start making psychedelic trance. That was a monstrous change because I had to forget everything I had learned up to then, I started again as a 50 year old virgin.

When we started we never expected to make anything out of it, we wanted to write the music and we did. To finally get to the point where you’re playing your music worldwide to people who really like it, that’s incredibly gratifying. And here we are 25 years later still learning and experimenting. It’s as exciting as it’s ever been now. 

This is a great time because It’s happening worldwide at the moment. It’s not about the size of the party, it’s about the spirit of the people. The party’s are only a small piece of it. There’s this communal spirit and underneath there’s all this love and fellowship. It’s never about the money or the fame but about sharing what we have, doing it all together and having a great time. That’s what we’re interested in.

Thanks South Africa for inviting me, I promise you i’ll be back soon!

My seed for change? Just follow your intuition and your heart. I had to travel, I left Australia at the age of 17 when nobody was doing that yet. You have to take risks and get out of your safety zone. Throw yourself into the void and hope it’s going to be ok. It will be! 

Raja Ram