Pam / Tune Raider


Honestly, becoming a DJ was a huge change, but shifting my mind to the learning that one doesn’t need to have a day job to survive, that changed my life the most. We can do whatever we want to create that money. We don’t need to worry about ‘the man’, our focus shouldn’t be on working for someone else. 

Rather start your own thing, apart from my music I make feather earrings, and jewelry. You only need to earn money to pay your bills, you don’t have to become something like an accountant and take on that whole lifestyle to do that. If you’re an artist, just go out and do what you do best. we live in a time with a lot of freedom, especially here in South Africa. In the trance scene for example you can sell your crafts and be part of our little system within the system.

I believe that anyone can find something that they want to do on their monday morning, not go to their jobs there because they have to. We’re all creative in our own way, I’ve found working with feathers worked for me, others are good with computers or children, others make great food. Do whatever you’re good at. Fuck working for ‘the man’!. 

My seed for change? Have courage and believe in yourself. Do what you’re good at and push on, make that change!

Pam / Tune Raider