My biggest change so far starts a bit sad actually. It was when I left the place where I grew up in Cornwall. I had lots of friends and memories there and I kinda left that all behind when we moved to Yorkshire.

In the beginning it was very hard to settle in, also because I missed Cornwall a lot. But after a while I kind of got used to it and it was fun again. It helped very much that I made lots of new friends. Also my mum helped me to start over again in the new place.

I do go and visit there a lot now, I guess about once every month. I learned so much from the whole experience. Even if I go away from a place it will still be there and I will always be able to go and visit. I still know that it exist and sometimes that feeling is enough.

My seed for change: It really helped me to keep a diary. Whenever I read my stories in there it helps me to remember my beautiful memories.