Around my thirtieth a whole world opened up for me, one I previously didn’t know existed, when I started choosing for myself. As a biologist with a PhD I had always found myself in an environment where study was of great importance but I had never felt that I was living the life of my choice. I then ended a long relationship and made the decision to travel, to reinvent myself and answer the question: ‘Why am I here.’

This eventually spawned our companies ‘Mountain Child Care’ in Nepal and its sister ‘My Quest’ in The Netherlands. These aim at young people, helping them to make life choices for their future, like I had to do then. We guide them in finding their core values and their true essence.

My partner and I give great importance to making our decisions the way we want them, not the way society tells us to. A good example of this is that we walked the Camino de Santiago with our nine months old daughter. This sparked something beautiful in the people who thought this was not what should be done with a baby. It is important not to let fear guide you, for me this entails that I choose not to follow the news.

My seed for change? Start with finding out who you are. You probably already know what you like and what gives you energy. Take that seriously, follow the way your energy flows instead of repeating dead ends.