The moment the earth started rumbling and our bus had to stop in the middle of the road while we saw buildings crumble before us was probably the biggest change of my life. 
When the disaster happened we were on our way to the alternative location of the Universal Religion festival.

After the first shock we managed to inform our parents of our safety, luckily before they read the news and the networks went down for days. We set up camp on the hill while more people arrived, each adding tiny bits of information about the magnitude of what had happened in the city of Kathmandu.

In the days that followed, and the numbers we heard went from 70 to 5000, we became each others family. Each of us had different ways of dealing with their emotions. Some people built shelters out of alcohol banners, a communal kitchen or rainwater collectors, others partied like it was the last time they would. Everything was accepted in our Universal Refugee camp.

Never has the spirit of the trance community been so strong as it was on the Hattiban Hill over the past days. Not knowing what to do, we did what we did best. Together we sang songs around the fires and formed friendships for life. All of us have changed through our travel in Nepal, in a completely different way than anyone could expect.

My seed for change? You are never prepared for what might happen, but with the right people you can make it through everything.