Africa Grows


Many stepping stones led to the concept of our Africa Grows project. A combination of life changing experiences.You crash, burn and reawaken, phoenix experiences. 

Out of the ashes of Africa burns rises the phoenix of Africa Grows. A multi elemental festival, not just fire. Like the burn it also has to do with creative expression, free energy, zero point economy and sharing but ultimately with growth. Not just permaculture principles, green things and trees but a completely green festival. Seeding sustainable communities through celebration.

Instead of using scaffolding and metal structures we’ll lattice structures. We’re going to use vine technology to grow a dancefloor dome. One that doesn’t get broken down at the end of the festival but one that continues to grow and eventually we’ll eat fruit from it. Green architecture can spring up all around that, living sculptures, growing sculptures. 

The idea is that it’s actually a gathering where you invest your love to come to the festival. Prior to the festival you receive a seed packet with instructions of how to cultivate these trees from sapling. By the time you arrive six months down the line you’ve already grown one or two small trees that you then bring into the festival. You invest time and love into growing what’s essentially part of yourself. So you’re bringing yourself and planting that. 

We want to integrate all the elements. The burn is the masculine, we integrate the feminine by adding water and life. Africa Burn came from America as an offspring of Burning Man, we want to plant this concept in America in return and call it Growing Woman.

Our seed for change: When you feel sad, bad or mad, you need more love, not less. Always send love to your heart. Give more love to yourself so you have more love to give to others.

Maria and Murray