Johan and Annemarie


Going to these trance parties is definitely the biggest change that we’ve made in our lives. We used to be really conservative you know…
One day we told our son that he shouldn’t be going to these parties because they were of the devil. He replied that we should see it for ourselves before we could really judge. 
So we did, without telling him we bought tickets to have a look what was going on.
We were amazed by the love and creative energy that was flowing all around us.

That was 13 months ago and we’ve been to 17 of these festivals since then. 
To think that a man has to become 71 to do the first dance in his life, can you believe that?
Someone told us to dance in the middle of the dancefloor, not at the edge, that way you become a part of the energy.
Last year at Origin Festival the organizer came up to us on the dancefloor to give us lifelong free entrance. When the other festivals heard of this they said they could not stay behind.

Our whole life we did a lot of giving but we never knew how to receive, this is something the party scene has taught us.
We just sold our house to move into a motorhome with which we can stay even closer to the festival scene. It just fits better with our new lifestyle.

Our seed for change is: You’re never to old to try something new.

Johan and Annemarie