It has only been a few days since I took my refuge and became an actual Buddhist. From the moment I learned about Buddhism it seemed to work really well with my mind, it all seemed so logical. Everything is on yourself, there are no gods that will save you, you have to fix yourself. It's such a peaceful ideology, that really resonated with me. 

When I was fourteen I learned about Buddhism for thefirst time. I studied a lot of books about it and even went to northern India, to Dharamsala. During my time here in Nepal I've done a retreat at a monastery and it felt like the right time and place to take my refuge. 

My family is all Christian so I've had to shift away from that to become an actual Buddhist
When I was fifteen we had the option at our family's church to be confirmed. Everyone my age went like, "sure whatever, I'll just do that". But I felt that I couldn't do it at all, it just didn't make enough sense to me. 

I really understand the reincarnation that Tibetan Buddhism talks about a lot. Now I feel like my soul is going to keep on going for ever and ever. It gives so much hope to think that this is not my only life. 

My seed for change? For a long time I kept my feeling towards religion inside myself and that was very uncomfortable. My advice would be that to share your thoughts about change with people is really important.