Kamalroop Singh


The biggest change I’ve made in my life was that one day I went to the forest near London. There was this very old oak tree, some people say that it’s over four hundred years old, others say it’s over a thousand years old. The trunk is so broad you can’t even get your arms around it with three or four people.

Under it I found one of its seeds and I thought: What’s the best thing I can do. I can put this seed in the ground and then one day there will be another giant like that. When I thought about it I realised how many birds will get shade, how many animals will get a place to live for hundreds and hundreds of years. 

I think that one seed that I’ve put in the ground is the biggest change that I’ve made in my life.

My seed for change: There is so much information and distraction outside ourself but the best answer is always inside your heart. If you feel a really good feeling about something, don’t hesitate, go do it and trust. 

Kamalroop Singh