Amongst all the changes, the first big one was leaving my job and becoming self sufficient, but that was a long time ago already. Being self sufficient where you have to rely on your own efforts for yourself and your family to survive, that changes a man’s character.

But the main change is later on in my life, when the kids were out of the house, I sold my businesses and started Trance Dancing. It showed me a different way of life, not just on an emotional level but consciously. 

I was at Boom Festival last year. I went there to dance, I’m a passionate dancer, I love dancing, but when I got there it turned out I also went there to learn. I spent most of my time in the luminal village and in the healing area, talking to all the people there, I was camping with a shaman and we were constantly talking about change. Changes are not always dramatic, but when the direction is right, it feeds on itself, it grows. you develop your passion in that direction. 

I’m still into all different kinds of music, I play the pan flute in concert, I play pop and even church music. I love classical music and hoompa band music from Germany. It needs to be balanced, whatever we do. 

My seed for change is: Go back and have a look at what is your child’s gift, the talent you were born with. Find the talent that makes you work passionately. If you do what you’re passionate about, you’re twice as effective, ten times as efficient and most important, you’re happy!