One day I realised that I am in fact very many different people. For a long time I was searching and thinking to find out which of those personalities was mine. Accepting that I can be all of them made me really happy.

You could use the subculture labels as an example. On the one hand I felt a deep connection to the hippies of the sixties, but on the other hand I loved listening to hardcore. Being quite a bit younger this caused some identity struggle.

Arriving here at Ruigoord for the first time did a lot for me. Here I saw radically different people all together, and I could recognize myself in all of them. A place like this invites people to express themselves in who they feel they are. Everyone expresses differently but everything is accepted. 

My seed for change? Look at what will make you happy now, not at what might make you happy in the future. Take life step by step, forget the finish line and enjoy the ride itself.