For me it all started when I had an experience with something called holotropic breathwork, it shifted my perception of the inner worlds I never knew were possible. Before that my life was a lot more external, my life was outside of myself. Once I discovered there were worlds inside, I started to shift my awareness and my consciousness towards that. 

I was reading about neo shamanism by Stanislaf Groff and I read that after LSD psychotherapy was made illegal, he shifted his research into this breathwork. It didn't make much sense to me, how could they replace such a strong chemical with breathing? 

I started researching and one day I found that they were doing trainings in Mexico, close to my parents house. I decided to go there and the results were enormous. In a way it has taken me to where I am now, it has permitted my profession as a transpersonal psychologist. 

Having a glimpse of the mysteries of life and death is a reward on it’s own. Shifting from a normal daily life into a life that is more connected to nature and God has been a school of wisdom. I feel calmer and healthier than ever before, I believe in God now. Well, not believe, I know God now, I don’t have to believe in him. There is abundance and happiness in my life.

We are now in another big transition in life right now. We are uprooting our family home to pursue more depth into these inner worlds. We’re moving to Peru for at least two years.

My seed for change is: Don’t be afraid and start changing yourself by looking inside. It is like alchemy, you transmute yourself. You try to free yourself from the energies that you’re a slave of and try to cultivate the energies that are constructive to you. If you do this your whole world will change around you.