Hout Bay and it's Market

So after our amazing weekend at Vortex Parallel Universe we've based ourselves in Hout Bay, a small harbour town on the other side of Table Mountain. Away from the crazy inner city life the inhabitants of Hout Bay seem to be enjoying living here a LOT!

The hospitality that we encountered all over South Africa also follows us here, at the time of writing we're lying in a beautiful double bed with en-suite bathroom, for free. 

Creative Hotspot

That Hout Bay is an artists paradise became clear to us when our host showed us around in The Workspace. The Workspace is an old industrial building where artists and craftsmen can rent a fully equipped workshop for a small fee. And fully equipped it is, there is a wood workshop, welding and metalworks can be done, there are tools to do jewellery, cabinets full of normal and power tools. This enables the artist to focus on the process of creation instead of spending money on tools that sometimes will be used only once or twice.

Apart from workplaces The Workspace has a Maker Library, expositions of work and an extremely inspired program where local kids can trade recyclable trash for use of a computer with internet. Creating Knowledge out of trash, amazing!

The best market we would ever see in our life

In the evening we were invited to go the the Bay Harbour Market, according to our host the best market we would ever see in our lives. We took this opportunity with both hands, we love markets and never say no to a local recommendation. This marked turned out to be half food and drinks and the other half crafts and fashion.  The foodcourt was centred by a podium on which a local band was playing. The different foods were incredible, some local or healthy, others exotic. Most was well prices and we indulged in nacho's, creative chillipoppers, an alcoholic ginger beer, a cheesy breadstick and a disappointing chocolate brownie.

The non-food section was a good mix of creative crafts, some re purposed woodwork, original clothing mixed in with a little bit of African bead work and other souvenirs. Most of these products quite painful in the wallet...

The market attracted a huge crowd on the Friday night we were there. Hout Bay locals, Capetonians from further away mixed with just a few tourists. This market seems to be a hidden treasure for marked lovers and we highly recommend it to anyone staying in Cape town for a while.